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Read through past client experiences and their transformation journeys.

Before I started working with you I was stuffing my face and drinking wine every single night, then sleeping poorly and hating myself for how I was treating my body.   After just two coaching sessions my drinking has been cut in half, I am able to consciously make much better decisions about what I put in my body and my sleep has improved significantly as a result. 
The coaching sessions also had me realize how my behavior was directly opposed to what I want in life and how I was sabotaging my own happiness and future with my unconscious habits. You made me feel really heard and understood and the tools you gave me have really given me access to a new future.

Tanja, USA

Jo is a beautiful person, inside and out. Her calm still presence, her incisive listening and excellent suggestions were just the grounding experience I needed for me!  She is a fantastic coach who gives such genuine kindness and encouragement. I really appreciated how Jo challenged me and helped me to step into new ways of thinking and habits, as well as letting go those that don’t serve me. For me finding Jo has been life changing. I highly recommend Jo!!!

Mary, UK

In Jo, I found a coach that is loaded with wisdom and grace.  She sees what is beyond the surface.  She guided me toward living a life with confidence and  not only that, she went out of her way to find resources that were incredibly helpful for my journey that is currently unfolding. With her coaching, I know how to change my physiology to be more confident and I now have achievable action steps to take daily to live my dream life that is aligned with my purpose.  I cannot wait to see what the future holds  for me. I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with Jo.   I am humbled by how generous she is with her time, love and inspiration! I felt how my vibration changed to a high after each session, her energy is contagious!

Carmelida, Namibia

I wanted to say thank you for these last 6 weeks! You have helped me so much and I have learned so much! I was excited that I even got a client! You guided me in the right direction with helping me figure out what platform to use for my business, how to narrow down my target audience, how to give myself self care so I don't burn out, how to respond to people when they start to get nervous and pull away. You've done so much for me in such a short amount of time. I really appreciate the talks we had they were very informative time seriously flew by with you Jo and I am going to miss being coached by you!

Lilas, USA

Before my session with you, I was feeling quite overwhelmed, almost panicky with the big goals I had and mostly the urgency to move my life forward.
During the session and after, I felt calm and reassured that I can achieve the goals by prioritising what I should focus on. The discussion on the two goals alone, helped put into perspective the actions I need to take on. The homework helped with reflecting on the needed skills to move my goals forward.

Maureen, Uganda

Thank you so much Jo, for your time and advice. I was in a very stuck and unresourceful place mentally before we spoke. Being in lockdown had taken a toll on my outlook. You really helped me to see a different perspective, gave me some practical advice which was really empowering, and restored my belief in myself to get back on my feet. I am so grateful for your help today, and for bringing back my smile! Thank you so much!

Shayla, Australia

You made me look at my skills in a different perspective. The doubts I have about myself aren’t actually true when I looked at all I have accomplished. You made me look at the negative thoughts and change them into positive ones where I actually have examples of things I’ve done in the past! It truly was a great experience, Thank you!

Ruman, UK

The sessions have gone in a direction that I did not expect at the beginning, but they helped me to clarify my values and understand the limiting thought patterns / habits I need to address. The benefits so far are more than just career related.

Dean, UK

Jo's very attentive and understanding. We discussed my self-esteem issues and how I can start becoming the person I am meant to be. She helped me see my qualities. Her questions also helped me go deep inside and see all the dreams I've always had but buried inside because I didn't feel worthy. Jo also gave me some exercises to do which I'm excited about! I'm so happy about our session- it really made me realise of the power I have to change my life. Thank you so much Jo!

Sandi, South Africa

Jo is very insightful and helpful. During lock down, I've really been introspecting a lot more about what I want to change and work on. And my talk with Jo was the perfect place to start!
Before, I really felt emotionally stuck and in a sense of mental purgatory over some prior disappointments and challenging circumstances which I found myself recounting on. Jo was very empathetic, constructive, and provided some really interesting affirming perspectives. I felt reassured that the matter at hand, had nothing to do with my actions and was in no way a reflection of my value and potential. I come away feeling recentred on everything I believe in and what I'm deserving of!

Courtney, UK

I found talking to you really helpful, inspiring and constructive - helping to put things into perspective and to bring structure to intention and goals. I have been practicing a lot of the things we've talked about, too, in order to be brought closer to those goals. Specifically, I also appreciate that the sessions were conducted in a friendly, casual manner - that makes it very helpful, while appearing to be a chat with a friend :- )

Ana, Netherlands

It is hard for me to find the words to express how thankful I am for the way you helped me, for taking time to listen to me, understand the root of my problems and for being there when I needed someone to talk to. For your guidance when listening to the same complaints again and again. When you kept me 10 or 20 more minutes after the end of our session to help me feel better. I’m so touched by your thoughtful attention. You were very patient with me and my many concerns, the professional attention you gave me was insightful.  I am so glad you were there for me through my ups and downs.

When I first reached out to you, I hadn’t much clue what I wanted to achieve or how. Αll I knew was that I wanted to put some structure in the chaos inside my head, stop procrastination, overcome negativity, better manage my crappy feelings, learn how to master my emotions to see more clearly. Also to get rid of some guilt that was burdening me since the beginning of time. 

- Your care and heartwarming advices helped me to make better choices and get my life back on track. You helped me to identify the real reasons behind my procrastination habits and gave me tools to become more proactive, even if it’s not easy everyday to master procrastination.

- You gave me tools to find my balance, remove my limiting beliefs. You also made me aware that If we are afraid of success because we secretly believe that we don't deserve it, it is important to realize that our self-handicapping might be keeping us from achieving our goals. 
Thanks to your insightful suggestions and valuable advice I’m starting to understand that we all have unique and special qualities to offer to the world, and we can achieve anything if we truly want it. 

I’ve laughed and I’ve cried in your sessions. I’ve been sad, angry and ashamed. But I’ve also felt happy and proud. 
Please know your work is so meaningful!  Thanks for believing in me when I was down and out. Thanks for trusting me when even I had my own doubts.

“If you feel moody, be productive, move, be silly and it would change your energy into a positive one. If you smile even if you don’t feel like it, it will change the direction of your thoughts”. Your brain reacts the same when you smile whether it's real or faked. 

Caroline, France

Honestly, I've not seen anyone so insightful who can ask such questions - spot on. They touch the core of my heart. You're simply unbelievable. I 100% believe that you've helped and understood me so well, so deeply. Your positive energy touches me completely.

Sharad, India

Before the sessions I had been extremely mentally hard on myself from past emotional heartbreak which in turn has diminished my self esteem and self worth, ruminating on the past blaming myself and wondering what was so wrong with me as to why the relationship didn’t work out. I had never done something like this so I was quite reserved at the start. 
Jo was calm, understanding and listened to everything I had to say without judgement. She was constructive in the way of getting me to understand limiting thoughts and habits I need to work on. I still need a lot of work but she has certainly already helped start me on my journey to try and (re)discover myself and start to see myself in a more positive way.

Kirsten, Australia

Jo is an awesome coach . Our sessions together were very productive. Jo brought me from ground zero to the next level with so much clarity. Yes I would highly recommend . She is very knowledgeable . Thank you , thank you , thank you!

Paleeta, USA

Really really love my sessions with my coach Jo, she is patient and understanding, would highly recommend, worth every penny to finally get my life in control and concentrate on my future! 

Jennifer, UK

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