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Are You Really Ready For Change?

Imagine you had all the strength and desire you need to make a significant life make one of your biggest dreams come true. How would that feel? Do you feel more content, just thinking about it? More fulfilled? Do you smile more in the idea? Or actually, do you maybe feel a bit scared? How does a change alter your thoughts, emotions and life?

We all learn from a very young age that a coin always has two sides. A metaphor our ancestors seem to have been using a lot when they were trying to explain the duality of all circumstances. A metaphor we still use every day and we think we know it well. It's a simple concept, right? Of course it is... But, somehow, we constantly seem to forget about it.

We want more money, better health, more confidence, more power, better looks, more clothes...we want all of that because we consider it all positive. We know and are absolutely certain if we have these, our lives will change for the better. And yes, we may be absolutely right. But do we ever pause for a second to think of any negative consequences that these changes could bring? Flip the coin...

Imagine for a moment you manage to become financially independent to a point you don't ever have to think of how you spend your money every single day and on what. Let's imagine you win the lottery...or work your butt off to make this happen...Ok, then what? You can surely start spending money on whatever your heart desires...

But, is life the same?

Would you go back to your 9 to 5 job (which probably, on your way to success, had already become more of a 9 to 9 job)? Probably not...And as a result, would you change your habits? How about your interests? How about the places you visit and therefore the people you meet? All of a sudden, you're finding yourself surrounded by new friends, being satisfied by different material gains, having a different routine and probably different interests and hobbies.

Let's now assume you want a healthier far you've been indulging in late night takeaways, multiple drinks out with friends, a sitting-on-a-chair kind of daily routine...But you've had enough, you want to make a change. You desire more energy, a fit body and a healthier mind. You are absolutely determined to make that happen, so you know you need to change your habits. You need a new pattern. You work really hard and you finally get there!

Fantastic...but what happens next?

You're your best self but is everything else still the same? Is everyone else still there? The chances are you have alienated your drink buddies, you've become integrated in new circles, you've shifted your focus to different interests and lifestyle.

And whilst you may be wondering why that's even bad, here's the point I am trying to make...

Are we actually ever ready for all the consequences a good change can bring?

Have you fully thought through the changes you'll have to go through in order to achieve the best results? Are you 100% committed to embracing it all- the good and the bad? Are you prepared to lose some people along the way, to create a different lifestyle ahead of you, to become a new person all together, to live somewhere else, to stop working or to even make enemies and people who despise your sudden burst of confidence, strength, power?

A change can be made sustainable once it is repeated.

A change can be integrated in your daily life once it is fully accepted for all it brings. We will never be able to change for the better unless we are ready to embrace all the consequences, unless we are truly happy with the choices we are making and we make peace with all their aftermaths.

If you want to change, if you want to find your better self and sustain it, make sure you're well prepared to leave your old self behind.

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