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Making the first step towards change is often the hardest thing to do!

My name is Jo Dourou and I am an experienced life coaching professional and the owner of Eudemonia.  I am currently being trained as a Strategic Interventionist Life Coach at Robbins Madanes Training Centre, the official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins, the world's most famous life and business strategist.

I help my clients unleash their potential by providing them with the right tools and knowledge to help them reach their next level both in the personal life as well as their business.

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I am Jo Dourou, a full time Life Coach & Portfolio Management Professional.

My background has pretty much been the catalyst for my current direction in life...I studied people's training and development (MSc degree from University of Edinburgh) and the corporate world took me into project/programme/portfolio management, which I've been practicing for the last 10 years.

As a PM professional, I have practiced coaching and mentoring throughout my career.

I have always been intrigued by human relationships and different dynamics and spent my entire life trying to unravel the human potential and understand human behaviours and reactions. My passion turned into my everyday life, when I decided to study Life Coaching at Tony Robbins' official Coach School (RMT Centre).

I, myself, have experienced the ups and downs of life - with the latter appearing to me in some of its ugliest forms,  but managed to get rid of self-doubt and to overcome loss, grief, anxiety, lack of motivation, depression and hopelessness. And my only aim now is to serve you; to share tips, techniques, tools and life experiences of how you also can overcome your challenges and reach your goals in you can transform to your own best selves.



Before I started working with you I was stuffing my face and drinking wine every single night, then sleeping poorly and hating myself for how I was treating my body.   After just two coaching sessions my drinking has been cut in half, I am able to consciously make much better decisions about what I put in my body and my sleep has improved significantly as a result. 
The coaching sessions also had me realize how my behavior was directly opposed to what I want in life and how I was sabotaging my own happiness and future with my unconscious habits. You made me feel really heard and understood and the tools you gave me have really given me access to a new future.

You are a beautiful person, inside and out. Your calm still presence, your incisive listening and excellent suggestions were just the grounding experience I needed for me! 
I am still savouring the session we had. Thank you  what a gift. I can really appreciate the synchronicity now of it being you I turned to. 
I have printed off the plan and am steadily working on what you have suggested. I am so amazed at my luck and full of gratitude for this opportunity. 
Thank you.

Tanja, USA

Mary, UK

Before my session with you, I was feeling quite overwhelmed, almost panicky with the big goals I had and mostly the urgency to move my life forward.
During the session and after, I felt calm and reassured that I can achieve the goals by prioritising what I should focus on. The discussion on the two goals alone, helped put into perspective the actions I need to take on. The homework helped with reflecting on the needed skills to move my goals forward.

Thank you so much Jo, for your time and advice. I was in a very stuck and unresourceful place mentally before we spoke. Being in lockdown had taken a toll on my outlook. You really helped me to see a different perspective, gave me some practical advice which was really empowering, and restored my belief in myself to get back on my feet. I am so grateful for your help today, and for bringing back my smile! Thank you so much!

Maureen, Uganda

Shayla, Australia

I really enjoyed the session, you made me look at my skills in a different perspective. The doubts I have about myself aren’t actually true when I looked at all I have accomplished. You made me look at the negative thoughts and change them into positive ones where I actually have examples of things I’ve done in the past! It truly was a great experience, Thank you!

The sessions have gone in a direction that I did not expect at the beginning, but they helped me to clarify my values and understand the limiting thought patterns / habits I need to address. The benefits so far are more than just career related.

Ruman, UK

Dean, UK

I had an August Offer session with Jo and it was great! She's very attentive and understanding. We discussed my self-esteem issues and how I can start becoming the person I am meant to be. She helped me see my qualities. Her questions also helped me go deep inside and see all the dreams I've always had but buried inside because I didn't feel worthy. Jo also gave me some exercises to do which I'm excited about! I'm so happy about our session- it really made me realise of the power I have to change my life. Thank you so much Jo!

Jo is very insightful and helpful. This was my first ever session with a life coach and it went a lot better than I had imagined! During lock down, I've really been introspecting a lot more about what I want to change and work on. And my talk with Jo was the perfect place to start!
Before coming into the session, I really felt emotionally stuck and in a sense of mental purgatory over some prior disappointments and challenging circumstances which I found myself recounting on. Jo was very empathetic, constructive, and provided some really interesting affirming perspectives. I felt reassured that the matter at hand, had nothing to do with my actions and was in no way a reflection of my value and potential. I come away feeling recentred on everything I believe in and what I'm deserving of!

Sandi, South Africa

Courtney, UK



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